Woman shares therapist’s handy advice for what to do when you can’t get to sleep

At the end of a long day, many people would love nothing more than to climb into bed and fall into a deep, peaceful sleep. However, often this isn’t the reality and some find themselves lying awake for hours, their thoughts loud. This is something that recently happened to TikTok user Emily Brochu but while […]


Andy Reid on Chiefs OL: I don’t think the outlook is bleak

Kansas City had some clear problems with pass protection in Super Bowl LV, with Patrick Mahomes having to scramble for nearly 500 yards before throwing or getting sacked. Part of that stemmed from the Chiefs playing a backup left tackle and their third right tackle. Part of it was scheme, as via Daniel Jeremiah of […]


Adolescent involvement with firearms linked to gun violence in adulthood

A new study by Northwestern University researchers finds involvement with firearms by high-risk youth is associated with firearm violence during adulthood. “Association of Firearm Access, Use, and Victimization During Adolescence with Firearm Perpetration During Adulthood in a 16-year Longitudinal Study of Youth Involved in the Juvenile Justice System” will publish in JAMA Network Open. The […]


Hyundai’s latest concept ‘car’ walks to places it can’t drive

Sometimes, no matter how good an off-road vehicle is, there are places it just can’t drive. That’s why Hyundai engineers are working on a vehicle that can traverse even the most difficult terrain. The Hyundai Tiger X-1 has four wheels, each powered by an electric motor. Each of those wheels is on the end of […]


TikTok reduces India staff after long-standing countrywide ban

More than seven months after India issued a countrywide ban on TikTok, the app is significantly reducing its staffing in the country. On Tuesday, Nikkei Asia reported that TikTok was “essentially withdrawing” from India, citing sources familiar with the company. Reached for comment, a TikTok spokesperson confirmed that it was reducing its workforce in India […]


American shares ‘weirdest’ things about living in UK – including beans on toast

When it comes to life in the UK, we’re quite set in our ways – we love a Sunday roast, are obsessed with queuing etiquette and think a cup of tea can improve almost any situation. For us, that’s all pretty standard. But it seems for others, this is all very peculiar. This was highlighted […]